Retaining Solutions

Concrete Sleepers

RETAINEASE concrete sleepers are all made from high quality Concrete and reinforced steel. These products are an amazing substitute to the commonly used timber products however they will not:

  • Rot
  • Warp or Twist
  • Be affected by termites

RETAINEASE concrete sleepers are a durable, cost effective, decorative way to retain.

The sleepers come in Smoothface, stackstone, splitface and woodgrain finishes as well as multiple colour options.

Smoothface sleeper
Splitface Sleeper
Woodgrain sleeper
Stackstone Sleeper

Masonry Blocks

Various blocks for all applications, decorative, structural or structural decorative. Solid stack stones, besser blocks etc.



Timber Sleepers

  • 2.4m Treated pine sleepers
  • 2.4m Hardwood sleepers
  • Galvanised posts
  • Timber posts